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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Gingham Bride, A Trip to Hastings, and Some Fun

Last night I finished a little fluffy book called The Gingham Bride. Fiona has been beaten, abused and misused all of her life; AND she'd been betrothed to the grandson of her grandmother's best friend. When he comes to claim her as his bride, Fiona can't believe it. She fights her growing attraction to Ian while trying to stay under her father's anger-ridden radar. Fiona's highlights include her sewing circle of friends, finishing high school, and her faith. Jillian Hart's novel was kind of slow for me, but for an entertaining read, it worked fine for me. I went to the doctor today for a blood check (just a routine thing for me). While I was out, I stopped in Hastings book store to find a gift for a little friend of mine who broke her arm. My children have not seen fit to give me grandchildren yet, so I have had to "adopt" them. I am of the opinion that a book is always a good gift, suitable for almost any occasion. I found some Little Golden Books that I had loved as a child, a Princess story book with paperdolls included, and gasp! books for me. I spent more on my books that I did for the gift. Be watching here for their reviews. Now for some fun!

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