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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Stokes

Till We Meet Again continues the story of Libba, Willie, and Mabel Rae Coltrain along with Link Winsome, Owen Slaughter, and Stork Simpson. Link has been injured and wants to save Libba from having to deal with his injuries. Stork has to talk to him, as my mother would have said, "like a Dutch Uncle," to explain that Link can't make decisions for Libba. Meanwhile, Owen, who has amnesia from an encounter with a German soldier, meets Charlie Coltrain (brother of Willie and Mabel Rae, cousin of Libba) in a German Stalag. Penelope did an excellent job of describing German Prisoner of War camps and the conditions found there. She also continues her skillful work in allowing her readers to escape into her novels while keeping it real.

This series is tremendous. Mabel Rae finds love, Libba and Link reconnect after Libba's father tried to do everything he could to keep them apart, and Willie is still waiting for Owen to come back to her. I am currently reading the third novel in this series and can't wait to finish it.

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