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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On Hummingbird Wings

Lauraine Snelling writes some books that I dearly love and this one is a good example. Gillian Ormsby has been called by her younger sister Allie to come help with Mom who claims she is dying. Gillian makes a flying trip from New York to Martinez, California, to check out the status of things. While she is in California, she loses her job due to a hostile takeover. She has to fly back to New York to clean out her office and plan her next move. She returns to find her mother still in bed, still claiming she's dying, still being recalcitrant about doing anything to help herself get better, and still very growly about any attempt to help her. Gillian finds friends in unlikely places with neighbors who have cared for one another as long as they have lived in the same neighborhood, friends who include Adam who becomes more than just a friend. Gillian learns how to rely on friends for aide in caring for her mother and learns to trust. If you like conflict, you get that in Gillian's relationship with her sister. If you like growing friendship that turns to romance, this book has it too. It's definitely worth your time.

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