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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Sound Among The Trees

Susan Meissner is one of those authors who speaks to me on a deep level. I loved her book Blue Heart Blessed for one line especially--when one character tells another that God has designed us for more than we usually give (that's a paraphrase). Last night I finished her newest offering: A Sound Among the Trees. She has an interesting concept in this book about a house and the generations of people who have lived in it, especially the women. While the women are the major characters in the book, the house plays a role as a character as well--which intrigued me all the way through.

So far, I've described this book and interesting and intriguing. I can't say I LOVED this book, but I found it worth my while to read. I was disturbed by the "psychic" properties of the house and that a house could cause good or ill to come into a person's life for whatever reason. Because I believe that Jesus Christ broke the chains that held us in the clutches of evil, I don't believe a Christian can be held by generational curses, which is a concept that seems to come across in the book. However, there were other aspects of the book I loved--i.e. the restoration of the relationship between Adelaide and Caroline, estranged mother and daughter. This restoration came about through the work of Christ in Caroline's life, and that alone made the book most worthwhile. It was a completely believable change in Caroline that could bring to mind someone else who had been through the same situation.

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