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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Kettle's On!

Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson teamed up together to make a wonderfully tasty delight in their book, The Potluck Club. I had some time between appointments the other day and since my appointments were "out of town," I took the time to visit the local Hastings book store. The Potluck Club caught my eye and jumped into my arms as one of the purchases of the day. I had to finish the book I was reading before I could get into this one, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

There are six friends who meet once a month to pray about needs in their church and in their world. Evie is a middle-aged, single woman whose very pregnant niece shows up on her doorstep needing some heart-healing love from her aunt.

Goldie is about at the end of her rope with her philandering husband. His peccadilloes have mostly been out of town and not so much in her face, but he moved them home to have an affair with a coworker.

Donna is the daughter of the sheriff and one of his deputies. She still hurts from her mother's desertion of both her and her father and doesn't really believe God hears her or cares about her.

Lizzie is the local librarian and everyone's friend. When the pastor's wife, Jan, is diagnosed with cancer, Lizzie puts all of her research skills to work to see if she can find any help for Jan.

Vonnie is a woman with secrets that she doesn't even know she holds. Once she finds out about it, it will change her life forever.

Lisa Leann is the last member of this group who has wormed her way in without invitation and thinks she's going to take over its leadership.

Each woman brings something needful to the group, and each woman needs the group for her own reasons.

I loved the book and each chapter is headed with a tasty recipe that may find itself into my repertoire. This book is well worth your time to read, especially because these ladies will remind you of very close friends.

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