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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Shape Is Mercy?

I have read a few of Susan Meissner's books and have found all of them compelling, and with each one, I've learned something that has deepened my spiritual life. A better recommendation I cannot give. The Shape of Mercy is just that kind of book, compelling, teaching, and commendable.

The Shape of Mercy's cast includes Lauren, Abigail, and Mercy, chiefly. These three are the most important to the story. Lesser characters are Cole, Raul, Clarissa, and Lauren's parents. Lauren is a college student hired by Abigail to transcribe Mercy's diary. Mercy lives near Salem in 1692 and writes of the horrors of the witch trials, especially from the perspective of knowing that many of the accused are innocent. Ultimately Mercy is also accused, convicted, and sentenced to hang. Mercy is in love with John Peter, the son of a neighbor, and cannot stand for him to watch her be hanged.

This is the story in a very small nutshell with many of the plot lines omitted. There is much to be learned from this book--about judging people from appearances, about false accusations and the depth of the hurt they can cause, about judging yourself rightly. Susan writes well-researched, deeply moving books and I recommend this one highly.

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