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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shadow on the Quilt

Juliana is married to Sterling Sutton and lives with his aunts in the largest house in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sterling is building an even larger house on the outskirts of town and Juliana calls it a monstrosity. The first heartbreak to Juliana is finding a locket among Sterling's things--a locket engraved to another woman from Sterling. The second heartbreak is when a fire breaks out in town and Juliana hitches up her buggy to find out where the fire is. The building ablaze is the local "house of ill-repute," and Sterling's body is brought out with one of the soiled doves, both killed in the fire. Now Juliana has to put her life back together and find the wherewithal to carry on and take care of the estate Sterling has amassed. There are several people who come into Juliana's life to aid her in her heartbreak.

Stephanie Grace Whitson is a great author with many titles to her name. Everything she's written that I have read has taught me something. The Shadow on the Quilt taught me forgiveness. Juliana had to come to a place where she could forgive Sterling, his lovers, and several others including herself. The other thing I learned from this book is how to live my Christian walk. Juliana set aside her mourning to continue to work on her philanthropies and to take care of her late husband's aunts. I give this book a two-thumbs up, five stars, and a twirl!


  1. good review , and I like this " I am retired from working in a used bookstore for nearly 15 years.I have book shelves in nearly every room in my house. " Most of my books are in storage right now ,and I am thinking when I get them out I might have to spread them around the instead of having a dedicated room for them.

  2. Becky, thank you so much for taking time to review the book. I was very touched to think that you learned things of value from the story. God bless you!