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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Wedding Dress

I haven't ever read a book by Rachel Hauck before, but this first foray into her novels has me wanting more.

2012--Charlotte Malone is about to get married, but her heart is unsure so she goes up to Red Mountain to pray. When she gets there, she finds an auction in progress and while not intending to buy anything, she ends up buying a trunk with unknown contents.

1912--Emily Canton is about to get married, but her heart is unsure--she has doubts about her fiance and can't decide if he truly is the one for her. In the meantime, her mother wants to get Emily's dress made and wants to use a highly touted dressmaker. Emily wants to use a "colored" woman on the other side of town.

More than the story of these two women 100 years apart, it's also the story of the dress and the four women who wear the dress. It's about the courage to make the right decisions instead of the popular ones.

I usually read for a bit before going to sleep at night. It only took two nights to finish The Wedding Dress, and I must say, Rachel writes a compelling story. Two thumbs up, five stars, and a diamond tiara!

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