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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love's Reckoning

Laura Frantz doesn't have many books out, but what she does have is HIGH quality reading. I finished Love's Reckoning yesterday morning at 4:30, it was that compelling.

Silas Barryntine is the apprentice to Liege Lee, the blacksmith in York County, Pennsylvania. Liege has decided that Silas is to marry one of his daughters, but the daughter Liege has chosen for Silas is not the one Silas would choose. Eden and Elspeth Lee are as different as night and day; and Elspeth tries every trick in her cunning little book to discredit and ruin Eden, especially in Silas' eyes. Because of Eden's tender heart, it's easy for Silas to fall in love with her in spite of Liege's and Elspeth's desires to the contrary.

Love's Reckoning is the kind of historical novel that gives you a great glimpse into life during the late eighteenth century without interfering in the story. Silas and Eden's road to marriage was rocky at best, just like real life. There is just enough of mystery, romance, and drama to keep you fully involved in the story. Sometimes I can read and do other things at the same time, it's not possible with this book. Five stars, two thumbs up, and a lot of wrought iron nails!

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