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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Raising Rain

I read an interesting book by Debbie Fuller Thomas called "Raising Rain." Four women who were roommates in college meet again to plan a Celebration of Life for one of the four who is dying of cancer. I've read a similar book to this before, but this one had something special about it that brings it out from the rest. Jude was the unprecedented Women's Libber, militantly for women's rights, militantly against the Viet Nam war, militantly militant. Bebe was the ingenue, Toni was a glamour diva, Mare was the conscience. Then there is Rain. Rain is really Rainbow Star, Jude's daughter born in this turbulence of college life in the early 1970's. All four women had a hand in raising Rain, in being her family, and in saying good-bye to Jude.

Debbie is a talented writer who brings "real life" to life. Her characters are not syrupy, but seem to take on lives of their own (I would hope to shout!) in the real, nitty-gritty throes of daily life.

For something new and different for my blog, I am going to list the reasons anyone should read this book:

1. Debbie doesn't allow her characters to mince their words. They speak their minds clearly and without apology.

2. The characters are not scripture-spouting do-gooders with a verse for every situation, but people with faults and foibles that are visible for all to see.

3. God is alive and active in the characters just like He is in our own lives--not in a pushy way, but only as we allow Him to be.

4. Debbie's writing is relatable, and the overarching facet of any reading is whether or not I can learn anything. From this book I learned that reconciliation is a vital to our lives.

This book deserves five stars, two thumbs up, and the love of a good friend.

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