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Friday, September 28, 2012

Twice A Bride

When I finished reading Mona Hodgson's "The Bride Wore Blue," I figured the next book would have Miss Hattie Adams' love story with the girls' father. But, I miscalculated. Twice a Bride is that story but it's more.

Willow is Tucker Raines' sister, introduced in "Too Rich for a Bride." She is a widow, but she's more--she's an artist with a desire to sell her paintings. She finds a help-wanted listing for someone to colorize photographs and paint portraits from them. She applies for the job and meets Trenton Van Der Veer, the town's new photographer.

While none of these four characters--Miss Hattie, Harlan Sinclair, Willow Peterson, and Trenton--were looking for romance, they all end up in love. With unexpected twists and turns, the whole story still comes together seamlessly and the four books become united in a way that leaves the reader with a completely satisfied feeling. Mona has done an excellent job in bringing these two couples together.

The four Sinclair girls: Ida, Kat, Nell, and Vivian have been expecting their father to come to Cripple Creek, Colorado, where they all live. When their father arrives, he brings a surprise, an eight-year-old orphaned girl from France.

In the meantime, Trenton and Willow are trying to find their way as employer/employee, but both want more. Susanna comes to town to throw a wrench into the works, because she wants Trenton's affections.

Mona has written an entertaining series of books and this one is just as good as the first. Five stars; two thumbs up; and a large, happy family.

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