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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who Is This Man?

I just finished this book by John Ortberg and it wasn't a quick read, but it was an incredible read. It helped me to understand the Man I call my Savior, the Man I call my Lord, and the Man who changed the course of the world, single-handedly.

John is definitely a scholar of Jesus Christ, but he's more than a scholar, he's intimate with the Man whom he researched. John poured his love for Jesus out on the pages of his book, and in pouring it out, he hopes that the reader will come to love Jesus as much as he does.

I found out some pretty incredible things about this Man. As much as the world would like to ignore Him, Jesus' impact cannot be denied--take a look at any calendar--it is based on when Jesus was born. Wherever Jesus went, He either had great popularity or great opposition; but no half-way, namby-pamby, wishy-washy opinions about Him. He attacked money-changers in the Temple, He healed people who were considered less than human, He walked with confidence into enemy territory and confronted false ideas with temerity, He sought out times to be alone with His Father and recharge His soul, and He took the time to enjoy the company of those He loved.

Jesus came at a time when all of Israel wanted freedom from Rome, they wanted a political takeover. Jesus came to bring life, and a freedom they had never imagined. And when Jesus didn't deliver what they wanted, they turned on Him and delivered Him to face the death penalty as only Rome could deliver it--crucifixion.

John Ortberg definitely has influenced my opinions, my faith, and my whole life with this book. It gets five stars, two thumbs up, and a pair of walking shoes to put feet to my faith.

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