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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Promise to Love

While my husband and I spent some time on the Oregon Coast in August, I read my first book by Serena B Miller--The Measure of Katie Calloway. It was a wonderful book but that's not the one I am reviewing here. A Promise to Love takes place in the thumb of the Michigan mitten.

Ingrid Larsen is looking for her brother Hans but she doesn't hold out much hope that she can find him because she hasn't heard from him in a year, and she is so poor she cannot afford her own shoes. Joshua Hunter is a widower with five children whose wife died under suspicious circumstances. After an inquest into the cause of her death, the judge rules that Joshua cannot take care of his children unless he has a wife. Ingrid stands up and volunteers to marry him. Even after marrying Ingrid, Joshua cannot get his infant son back from his in-laws. Ingrid proves her intrepid spirit by taking the children in hand, by sewing for them, cooking for the family, and making the house a home. Ingrid is even able to keep her head in the face of catastrophe.

Serena takes us through the ups and downs of marriage, especially a marriage that began out of necessity rather than love. I read this book through in one day, it was that good. Definitely five stars, two thumbs up, and a new pair of boots.

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