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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sagebrush Knights

I go from one book to the next, barely taking a break between them. This book offers the perfect opportunity to do just that, but in a seamless way. Four stories about four sisters as mail order brides to four men who got exactly what they needed whether they knew it or not.

Knight and Day: Evelyn and Gareth have to blend their two families into one. Evelyn's son, Jamie, is portrayed as a bit prissy and Evelyn is overprotective and uptight about him. Gareth's daughter, Maddie (or Mad Dog, to some), is a wild hoyden who ropes and rides with the best of Gareth's hands. Gareth wants to toughen Jamie up while at the same time, he wants Evelyn to teach Maddie to be a lady.

Lady in Waiting: Jane considers herself to be the plain sister amongst a bouquet of beauties. Harrison is working hard to make his ranch a success so that he can thwart his father's plans. Jane wants to earn her husband's love and be worthy of him.

Shining Armor: Gwendolyn's husband-to-be died just a few days before her arrival and his grandson, Matt, is not exactly welcoming. Matt's sister, Betsy is an invalid with a progressing disease and needs special care. Gwendolyn opens her heart and her arms to Betsy and allows Matt to join the spring round-up. It's a rough road for Matt to trust and only feels that Gwendolyn is trying to take advantage of him.

On a White Charger: Emmeline has stars in her eyes of the romantic cattle rancher who is to be her husband, but he turns out to be a sheep rancher. As she reaches Joe's place, she finds his house burning to the ground, so she spends her first months living in a sheepherder's shack with her new husband.

The four ladies have obstacles to overcome on their way to love and they undertake the challenge with humor and skill. Erica Vetsch has truly written a winner. Five Stars, two thumbs up, and four sisters to boot!

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