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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strong and Stubborn

Kelly Eileen Hake is a chip off her mother's block. They both write with a healthy dose of humor and a modicum of suspense. Strong and Stubborn certainly fits this bill. Naomi is the last of the brides in Hope Falls, CO, from the advertisement to hire a husband. The rules the ladies have made among themselves is that they will all get married on the same day and the other two must approve the choice of groom.

Now, enter Michael Strode and his son Luke. Michael enters town to find a collapsed mine entrance and people trapped inside. He jumps in to help free Lacey and Dunstan, whom he doesn't know from Adam. Before the rescue party leaves for the mine, he stops to offer prayer for a successful rescue. This one action sticks in Naomi's mind for the rest of the book.

The romance in this book isn't as syrupy as in some books, but it's still there. The mystery is not easily solved or resolved by the reader before the end of the book, and the story comes to a satisfying end. This book definitely earns Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a clear mine entrance!

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