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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Echoes, Echoes, Echoes

I am not new to Robin Jones Gunn as an author. I find her books to be quite entertaining and a great way to while away an evening or two. Sometimes I just need an escape from the realities of my life and Robin's books fit that bill to a T.

In Echoes, Lauren Phillips has just been jilted by Jeff, her fiance who thinks he can't wait around for Lauren. Her brother, Brad shows up at her place with a computer and sets her up with an email account. Rad, as Lauren calls him, sets her up with a God-loving man named KC. Her screen name is Wren. From there begins an open communication that develops into something else. They find that they both love the Brownings and classical literature.

Instead of waiting for life, Lauren finishes getting her teaching credentials so that she can fulfill her dream of teaching in a small town. When her college roommate gets married, she takes a trip to Glenbrooke, Oregon, to attend her roommate's reception. While there, she meets Jessica and Kyle, and then takes a trip with them to Lana'i, Hawaii. Before going to the reception, she and KC had decided to meet in person at Multnomah Falls. She made the date to meet KC, but chickened out after seeing him. When he shows up in Hawaii, Lauren faints at his feet.

In the year that Lauren and Kenton were corresponding, both were pursuing dreams, and finding themselves looking for God. I like Robin's books because she never ignores how God works in peoples lives.

I have only one criticism for this book and that is the ease that Lauren was able to begin teaching in Oregon without checking into the legal aspects of transferring a teaching certificate from one state to another. It's never addressed. Other than that, for a light read, this book meets all criteria. While this book is part of a series, it still reads well on its own.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a romantic email.

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