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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ring of Secrets

This book has just the right amount of humor, mystery, suspense, and romance to keep anyone interested. But Ring of Secrets kept me engaged from beginning to end.

Winter is not your ordinary, everyday spy; she's even more special than that. She lives with her grandparents, the Hamptons, in New York City. They treat her badly because they believe her mother married outside her class in marrying her father. Her father is Colonel Reeves in the Continental Army.

Winter feels that she is called to help the Culper Ring of spies, but only her friend Robbie Townsend knows where she gets her information. Her grandparents position in society allows her to eavesdrop on conversations of Loyalist army officers who come to the various soirees given by Society Matrons.

Bennet Lane is not who he seems to be either. While he befriends various Loyalists, you never know his true leanings until near the end of the book. He falls in love with Winter, desires to protect her from her grandparents, and wants nothing more than to remove her from New York and take her back to Connecticut where he is a professor of philosophy and science at Yale.

Isaac Fairchild is a Loyalist Colonel who is also in love with Winter, and the source of much of Winter's information. He allows friendship to trump his loyalty to his army in the end after becoming disillusioned with the whole war.

Roseanna M White has written a winner of a book that will keep your attention riveted throughout. It definitely ranks five stars, two thumbs up, and a vial of invisible ink.

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