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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sundays in Fredericksburg

This book is a collection of four novellas encompassing the years from 1897 to present day. Each story details the loves and lives of a different generation in the same family.

When Amelia moves to Fredericksburg to become the teacher, she has to fight her growing attraction to Hank Zimmermann, her next door neighbor. She also has to adjust to life in a small town where people only live there on weekends in their "Sunday Houses." To throw a monkey wrench into her plans, her neighbor's father gets custody of his neices and nephew and wants to ship them off to orphanages instead of raising them.

Mildred has come home from being a nurse during World War I hoping to rest, but the Spanish Influenza epidemic is running rampant through Fredericksburg. Nelson has been recruited to help the doctor--Mildred's uncle--with his growing practice. Mildred gets drafted back into her nursing to help with the epidemic and Nelson gets called back to his home to see his family through the flu.

Bryan Delaney is doing research for a magazine on how Americans are coping with life during World War II. Trudy Meier allows him to live in the family's Sunday House for a very reasonable rent. It becomes her job to bring Bryan's daily meals to him and serves as his guide around town. While she's helping Bryan, she finds out he is really a Zimmermann.

Gwen meets Clay after her father is put in the hospital for chest pains. Clay has injured his ACL tendon in his knee while supervising some students on a geological internship. They live next door to each other in a couple of Sunday Houses--Gwen in the Zimmermann house, and Clay in the Wurst one. Gwen wants to go back to school and finish her last semester, and Clay wants a different degree than his family has planned for him. They only have the summer together.

Each of these books is a sweet romantic story but somewhat predictable. It's an emjoyable escape for a few hours for anyone who likes following a series through generations. A strong 4 stars.

Authors are:
Connie Stevens
Marjorie Vawter
Lynette Sowell
Eileen Key

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