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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stitched with Love

This is a collection of nine novellas all connected to quilting or sewing with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. I have enjoyed reading most of these novellas before reading them again this time. There was one I hadn't read before and it's the one I'm going to review here.

The Coat by Tracey V Bateman takes place close to the end of World War II. Leah and her son Collin are trying to make it through each day after Collin's father was killed in the war. Collin got a much sought-after scholarship to the Rosemont Academy but he didn't quite fit in. In fact he was being bullied and teased by the other children--one incident tore his coat. Leah has just lost her job at Rosemont Industries and can't afford to buy him a new coat. She takes her grandmother's quilt and makes a lining for Collin's coat. Once again Collin is teased at school and so the headmaster, Max Reilly, calls on Leah to discuss the situation.

Many twists and turns are taken on these nine roads to love and Leah's road is no less rocky. Max wants to build a relationship with Leah and begins with taking an interest in Collin. Unfortunately Claudia, wife to Jake who is brother to Max, tries to throw a monkey wrench in the works and does a fair job.

Like I said this was not the first time I'd read the other eight stories, but they were all worth the second read, especially for an afternoon of entertainment that was clean, fun, and sweet.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and the quilt your grandmother made for you.

Cathy Marie Hake
Tracey V Bateman
Vickie McDonough
Andrea Boeshaar
Sally Laity
Janet Spaeth
Pamela Kaye Tracy

Published by Barbour

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