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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Moses Quilt

Mazie can't decide how to answer Edward's life-changing question--he wants her to be his wife. She loves him dearly but there's something that's holding her back. Mazie has just finished her teaching degree and has a job lined up for the fall, but in the meantime, she helps her mom take care of her great-grandmother Mimi. Mimi has a quilt that details the life of Harriet Tubman and wants to tell Mazie about it. Mimi knows her time is limited and the story must be told before her 93 year old frail body gives up its life on earth.

The Moses Quilt is so named because Harriet Tubman was known as the Moses of her times. Harriet not only witnessed the atrocities owners heaped on slaves, but she suffered from them as well. Each block on this quilt has its own story and Mimi is trying to tell it before it's too late.

Kathi Macias has written a spine tingling story with an intensity that keeps the readers on their seats. The story of Mazie and Edward is sweet and compelling. Mimi's story of Harriet and her connection is riveting. I read half of this book last night, and finished this afternoon while riding in the car.

This is an amazing book--I found myself looking for a book of patterns for the quilt blocks Mimi described. I give this one five stars, two thumbs up, and a hand-made quilt with a history.

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