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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Josiah's Treasure

Daniel has come to San Francisco to retrieve money that he feels is owed him when his father abandoned the family years ago. He finds Sarah Whittier living in his father's house and heir to his father's fortune. The rumor is that Josiah had gold nuggets stashed away in a secret space in his house.

Sarah spent the last few years of Josiah's life as his live-in nurse. She inherited his meager estate and was using it to start an art business--teaching art to girls who had no other honest way to make a living, but they had the talent to be artists in their own right.

Daniel wanted Josiah's Treasure, not for himself, but for his twin ten-year-old sisters. Since their mother died, the responsiblity for them has landed on Daniel's shoulders and it's one he does not take lightly. He knows that Sarah is living in his father's house and has inherited his father's estate. He knows that overturning his father's will is going to be tough. But when he meets Sarah, his heart becomes torn between needing to supply for his sisters and his growing attraction to Sarah.

Nancy Herriman has written a sweet story with some intrigue woven into the story--a fortune hunter wanting the gold that is rumored to be in the house, opposition to Sarah's art store, even the lives of the girls Sarah is working with add to the intrigue. This story will only take a few hours to read (according to my e-reader) but it will hold your interest all the way through. It's definitely a Five Star, Two Thumbs Up, and a gold nugget kind of book.

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