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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Dance

I have loved everything I've read by Dan Walsh and that is why I signed up to read and review this book. Dan co-wrote The Dance with Gary Smalley, a noted marriage psychologist.

Marilyn and Jim are a happily married couple on the surface, but underneath Marilyn was miserable and had reached her breaking point. Every time she tried to talk to Jim, he talked over her and went on about his business without really hearing what she had to say. She did what she had to do for her own sanity: she left him.

At first, Jim is angry, uncontrollably so. He wants Marilyn back and he wants her back NOW! He can't see that his anger is part of the problem, he can't see that he holds responsibility in how the relationship has rocked. After meeting and talking to Audrey Windsor, the elderly former owner of the dance studio where Marilyn is taking lessons, Jim's anger begins to cool and he begins to dig deeply into the mechanics of his marriage difficulties.

I plowed through this book, which is an easy read, but I didn't find it as enjoyable as Dan's other books. The writing was pretty one-sided about the troubles in the marriage, which is generally never true in real life. Jim is characterized as a selfish, controlling, autocrat. Marilyn is characterized as a doormat who gets a backbone and makes a new life for herself.

The series plans to cover the lives of the three children and their restorations while continuing to chronicle Marilyn and Jim's journey into healthier relationship.

Disclaimer: my opinion is just that--an opinion. This book wasn't my cup of tea. There are very valuable insights to be gained in reading this book and that alone makes it worth reading.

Four Stars.

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