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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I've not read all of Siri Mitchell's books, but the ones I have read I have absolutely loved. Unrivaled is no different. Lucy has been abroad with her uncle and aunt and has now returned home to St Louis. As she arrives at her home, she finds that her father has had a heart attack and his confectionary business is struggling.

Charlie has gotten in trouble in Chicago so his mother and step-father send him to St Louis to live with his father who is running the most successful confectionary business in direct competition with Lucy's father's. In fact, his father wants to put Lucy's father out of business.

Lucy decides she wants to try to save the confectionary while Charlie has to be his father's minion in trying to close it down. From plastering posters all over town, covering up the posters Lucy's father had put up, to seeking to make exclusive contracts with the sellers of the candy, Charlie has to do his father's bidding while trying to get into Lucy's good graces.

Lucy tries everything she can think of to bolster her father's business and get an edge on the market. All of her attempts seem to backfire in her face--her new candy doesn't appeal, she cancels Standard's shipments which doesn't have the effect she'd hoped. She finally gives in to her mother's desires to sell the confectionary.

When Standard confectionary burns down, Charlie imposes on Lucy to recreate the Royal Taffy recipe.

Siri has used a device where she tells the story from Lucy's and Charlie's view point by alternating chapters between Lucy and Charlie. Occasionally, I wanted to continue Lucy's or Charlie's story without interruption, but not often. This is a truly enjoyable book worth five stars, two thumbs up, and a Royal Taffy.

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