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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello Girls

When I was first introduced to Lorna Seilstad, it was through her Lake Manawa Series. Each of those books told a story with humor and delight. So when her newest book came out, I had to get it and read it. When Love Calls is just as delightful as Lorna's other books and still Lorna manages to teach a very important lesson through the plot of her book.

Hannah Gregory has quit law school and is trying to raise her sisters after the death of their parents. Lincoln Cole has been dispatched from the lawfirm representing the bank that holds the mortgage on her family's farm to foreclose on the farm. Hannah is forced to move into town and to try to get a job as a telephone operator, or a Hello Girl. The one thing Hannah has trouble with is keeping rules. The one thing that the telephone company insists on is keeping rules. But, Hannah has to try, she has her sisters to think about.

When houses and structures around Des Moines start succumbing to the fires of an arsonist, Hannah's friend Walt is accused of setting the fires. Even though Hannah doesn't like it, she goes to Lincoln to help her win Walt's freedom. Hannah's hardest task is trusting Lincoln. Lincoln's hardest task is trusting God where Hannah is concerned.

While telling this story, Lorna weaves in the inviolate truth of trusting God in all our circumstances. When I can learn while being entertained, it's the best of all worlds. Thank you, Lorna.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a telephone call.

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