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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Splitting Harriet

split hairs
Fig. to quibble; to try to make petty distinctions. They don't have any serious differences. They are just splitting hairs. Don't waste time splitting hairs. Accept it the way it is.

See also: hair, split

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Splitting Harriet is a delightful story that really struck a chord with me. None of us has ever gotten to where we are without coming through a past. We have to see ourselves through the blood of forgiveness of Jesus Christ. This is one thing Harriet needs to learn through her heart.

Harriet is a waitress at Gloria's Morning Cafe by morning, the Women's Ministry Director at First Grace Church by afternoon, and a friend to the Seniors in the mobile home park by evening. First Grace Church has hired a consultant to come in and observe the workings of the church to see where the programs can be more effective bringing out a more unified church. The consultant, Maddox McCray, has taken a liking to Harriet, despite her objections to the changes the church is going through. Harriet, or Harri, as she is called, works very hard not to like Maddox. Everywhere she turns, Maddox has turned up--at one of her tables in the cafe, at the events she plans for the ladies of the church, at her friends' homes in the mobile home park--she just can't shake him, and she can't get him out of her mind.

While Harri resists all the changes being brought about by Maddox's consulting recommendations, she finds Maddox himself hard to resist. He brings her favorite Jelly Bellys to her, he offers her rides on his motorcycle, and he helps her plan her women's events. He mounts a campaign to work his way into her heart in spite of her resistance.

Tamara Leigh has written a riveting, rollicking tale of learning to forgive, learning to trust, and learning that the past doesn't define us.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a handful of Jelly Bellys.

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