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Monday, September 23, 2013

For Love or Loyalty

I have never read a book by Jennifer Hudson Taylor before, but this book was a great introduction to her writing. Malcolm MacGregor comes home to find that Duncan Campbell has come demanding the rents payment, beaten his brother Graham, killed his brother William, and kidnapped his mother Iona and his sister Carleen. Malcolm doesn't take things lying down and goes to exact revenge on Duncan by taking his daughter Lauren, and after finding out that Glenn has sold his mother and sister into indentured servitude in the colonies, takes Lauren with him on a voyage to the colonies in order to sell her into indenture so he could redeem his mother and his sister.

There are a couple of things that bug me about the book. One is that the ship taking Malcolm's mother and sister left only a day before Malcolm's ship, yet when he goes to redeem his mother, she's been in indenture for at least a month. I am not familiar with how long voyages took sailing across the Atlantic, but I am not convinced that it would have taken a month's difference in the length of the voyage with departures so close together. The other issue I have is that in a couple of places the story seems to drag, but it's not worth walking away from the story.

I say this because as the story goes on, the pace picks up. I read while riding my stationary bicycle. As the pace picked up in =)the story, I pedaled faster, and I got in quite a workout. =)

Four and a half stars, very definitely.

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