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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Forever Friday

Hope has won wars, fed nations, conquered diseases. In the unquenchable human spirit, hope is the fire.

Timothy Lewis has taken sixty years of poems written by his great-uncle to his great-aunt and made them into an incredible love story called Forever Friday. The quote at the beginning of this post is directly from the book and had a great impact on me--in fact, the whole story had an incredible impact on me.

So here's the cast of characters:

Huck Huckabee--her mother named her Pearl Garnet because she wanted her daughters to have fancy names. When she was ten, she decided she'd answer only to Huck.

Gabe Alexander--Huck's soul-mate, the man she's been waiting for all her life.

Mister Jack--Huck's "angel"

Adam Colby--the Estate salesman who found Huck's postcards.

Yevette Galloway--the major heir to Huck's estate.

Huck and Gabe met when she went to the seafood store for some oysters. He knew she was someone special and she met her destiny. They met again when Gabe goes hunting for her on the trolley system. A week later, they are married. Beginning with their wedding night, Gabe sends her a postcard, typewritten with a poem just for her. Gabe has a theory of marriage called "the Long Division," where things keep coming up and dividing couples so that their love dies. He believes that love has to be fed and nurtured and wants to do that with Huck.

When Adam finds the albums with the post cards and wants to know the story of the poems, the story of their love, and what held them together through so many years. His marriage of twelve years died and his wife left him for someone else, not wanting to hear from him again. He can't understand how love can stay alive and hold onto hope. He contacts Yevette and gets put off a couple of times before Yevette decides to tell him the whole story over a series of meetings. Through learning Gabe and Huck's story, Adam learns to hope again, especially to hope in love.

This book is worth Ten Stars, Five Thumbs Up, and a postcard from someone who loves you.

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