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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lighthouse Brides

Lighthouse Brides is a collection of novellas that disappointed me; most of the novellas ended abruptly as if the author said, "Okay, I've made it from point a to point b and that's as far as I need to go." The only novella that truly satisfied me as a complete story was the one by Andrea Boeshaar: "A Beacon in the Storm." Amanda took care of the North Point Lighthouse and her dying mother. Because of Amanda's diligence, Cade's ship "Kismet" made it through the storm with little damage but all repairable and no loss of life. Cade was planning to sell his ship after this voyage anyway because he needed to set down roots for his daughter, Jenny. Amanda has another issue facing her in that someone else wants her job and her brother wants her to move in with him. Andrea Boeshaar wrote an entertaining story bringing these two characters together and still left the reader feeling the story was complete.

I can't recommend this book based on this one story, since there are six in the book.

Two Stars

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