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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Talent for Trouble

I reviewed A Most Peculiar Circumstance a while ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was excited when A Talent for Trouble was offered for review. There are some laugh-out-loud spots in this book, there are spots that make you shake your head, and a few places where you might tear up.

Felicia Murdock has always felt that she was supposed to marry the preacher, even up to the day he marries someone else. So after a time when she mopes for a bit, she turns that particular leaf over, gets a new wardrobe, and starts living life. Her mother insists on her going to a tea hostessed by Eliza Beckett with Grayson Sumner, Eliza's brother. Grayson is not sure what to think about Felicia, but as circumstances keep throwing them together, he becomes more and more intrigued with finding who the "real" Felicia is--she has a talent for assuming identities, trying his patience, exasperating her mother, and otherwise creating chaos in her wake. At first, she came off to me as a bit of a flibbertigibbet--or in more common words: a bit silly, but she grew on me. There was a depth to her that doesn't come across until later in the book. Her own nosiness gets her into trouble, but somehow Grayson is always there to bail her out. She finds in him the man who has the patience to tolerate her more eccentric ideas.

Definite four stars--a very likable book. Jen Turano has put together a great series that will give the reader much enjoyment.

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