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Monday, October 21, 2013

Christmas in Apple Ridge

I love Christmas and Christmas stories and this book fits the bill on both counts, because you'll get recipes, ideas, and a bit of love thrown into the mix. I haven't read many of Cindy Woodsmall's books because I don't read that many Amish stories, but I've come to appreciate Cindy's ability to write a story that blends the Amish and Englisch worlds and how they work together. For that reason, I have several more of her books to read on my TBR* list. But I digress . . . .

Christmas in Apple Ridge tells three stories of people hiding secrets and hurts, getting past those hurts to find love, and heart healing.

In the Sound of Sleigh Bells, Beth helps her Aunt Lizzy in the dry goods store and goes to other stores in the area that sell Amish goods. She negotiates between Englisch and Amish business owners to make both businesses succeed. She also holds a hurt that keeps her from engaging in life or even making room for love. She mourns for what could have been but never truly was. When she finds a wood carving that intrigues her, she feels a need to find the carver and see if he will make more them for her to sell. Instead she finds someone who understands her hurts and points her toward healing.

The Christmas Singing introduces Mattie, a baker extraordinaire, who can make the most tantalizing cakes and decorate them into works of art. When her bakerie burns down, she has to move back to Apple Ridge and runs into her past. Gideon holds the keys to Mattie's past and if she knew it, the keys to her future.

The Dawn of Christmas brings Sadie back to Apple Ridge for the holidays, and at odds with her father because he wants her to reopen her heart to courting again. When her father forbids her from attending the Fourth of July celebration, Sadie goes for a ride on her grandmother's mare, Bay. While out on the ride, she finds a man lying on the ground with a horse standing not too far away. The man has obviously been thrown from the horse and could be injured. Sadie stays with the man and gets medical help for him, then proceeds to steal his heart.

I spent only three days reading these beautiful stories and enjoyed every single minute. Cindy has included some scrumptious recipes and craft ideas in this collection that will delight her readers.

This rates five stars, two thumbs up, and a cake your tongue will never forget.

You can read a chapter here.

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