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Thursday, October 17, 2013

London Dawn

London Dawn is the finale of The Danforths of Lancashire series by Murray Pura. Lord Preston Danforth and his family are all back in London and all together and more numerous than before. The story picks up in the mid-thirties as Hitler begins his rise to power and create havoc in Germany. The Danforth family has grown and has a plethora of grandchildren added to the mix. At times it is hard to keep up with who is who and who belongs to whom, but as Germany encroaches on Europe and begins to attack Britain, the Danforth sons and grandsons (and a couple of granddaughters) line up to get involved in protect their beloved country.

Pura has written a wonderful saga detailing the life and times of a family going through several hard eras of history in the last century. He is still able to write a story of the love of a family, of romantic love, and of the inevitable losses of war.

My only disappointment is that I felt the book ended too soon. I would have liked for the book to have carried through to the end of World War II, and reunited a few of the friendships that I felt were left hanging. I still give this book a solid four stars.

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