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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Matchmaker Weddings

Two books in one cover, the bargain of the year, and two very nice books at that. Matchmaker Weddings has two contemporary romances that will delight readers and fulfill a need for sweet romance.

First is A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills, with Millie Hogan and her mother, Eva, owning a bakery/cafe called Dosie Doughs. Millie's mom is quite a meddler and sets Millie up with the new dentist in town--David Denvers. David has his own problems with a childhood friend stalking him and wanting to start up a relationship with him. David is a widower with an eleven-year-old son, Bart. David and Millie strike a deal to create a "faux" relationship to rid David of his stalker and to get Millie's mom off her back, but before they know it, the relationship has taken on deeper dimensions than either of them ever anticipated. Kim O'Brien has put together a delightful story with a new twist on the typical romance formula.

The second book in this collection, I read and reviewed earlier this year here.

No less than four stars, two thumbs up, and a blind date.

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