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Monday, October 7, 2013

Tattered Quilt

Wanda Brunstetter is a known name among Amish fiction writers. Her newest offering, The Tattered Quilt, is one that takes the reader by surprise and gives the reader a patchwork of characters. The multiple viewpoints of the book give an interesting look into each character's life.

Emma Miller teaches quilting classes and each class teaches Emma as much about the students as Emma teaches them about quilting. In this particular class, Emma has Anna--a young lady with very strict parents, Cheryl--a woman who wants her grandmother's tattered quilt repaired, Carmen--a journalist trying to dig up dirt on the Amish, Terry--a roofer's helper who is enamored with Cheryl, Selma--a grouchy old biddy of a woman who is lonely more than anything, and Blaine--a man who lost a bet fishing with his boss. Emma's husband Lamar and her goat, Maggie, make up the rest of the characters. Each one has a need, and God uses Emma in various ways to reach out and bless each of her students.

I can't really tell what the surprise is in the book because that would spoil the whole thing, but it amazed me that Wanda was able to put together a full story with well developed characters, a little romance, a little softening of the characters, and a little friendly competition.

Definite four stars!

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