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Monday, November 11, 2013

Prime of Life

I don't know what I was thinking when I chose to read this book to review, it is so far off from my normal reading style, but it still caught my attention, and so choose it, I did. I have absolutely no regrets from this choice.

Ben is the janitor for a retirement/assisted living complex, but he has a secret and tries his best to keep that hidden. He enteracts daily with a random group of residents who keep his life interesting, to say the least. There's Sam, who sits in his wheelchair in the common room asking people if they speak Spanish; Jerry, the one Ben calls the Professor; Frank, mortal enemies with Marvin; Jane, who is in love with Frank; Betty, the newbie with whom Marvin falls in love; Lex Kentucky, the podiatrist who treats the residents; and Junior, the owner of the facility.

As soon as Betty moves in, she creates a stir among the male population of the facility, including increasing the competition between Frank and Marvin. But what she doesn't intend to do is bankrupt the facility by recommending an investment that is actually a scam. Junior has mortgaged the facility to cover his gambling debt, and invested the money in a real estate scam in Costa Rica. The residents start brainstorming to save their facility with ideas including calendars, gifts to sell, and playing the lottery. When the lottery idea comes up, Ben remembers that he had bought a lottery ticket and he hotfoots it to his home to find that ticket and to see if it won. When he finds out his numbers were the winning numbers, he tears his apartment apart trying to find his ticket, with no luck. He remembers that he had eaten dinner with Lex the evening before and goes back to the restaurant to see if the ticket is there. The twenty-three million dollar jackpot was going to be the answer to the facility's problems.

Ben's idiosyncracies add to the plot in a way that makes him fit right in with the residents, his love of prime numbers especially adds to his character. P D Bekendam has written an edge-of-the-seat book that will captivate any and all readers. Prime of Life is a MUST read. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a winning lottery ticket.

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