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Sunday, December 15, 2013

New England Romance Collection

I have four little girls I call my granddaughters (they aren't related to me, but that's a different story for a different post), and I have bought some dolls for them. One of the dolls came naked, so I am making doll clothes for the dolls for their Christmas gift. In the meantime, we are remodeling the house. I have no kitchen--I cook in a slow cooker on the floor of my living room because we are having some drywall work done. All this is to explain why I haven't had as many posts lately. I am reading as hard and as fast I can, but I am doing the clothing by hand at the moment. I can't reach my sewing machine.

The New England Romance Collection is an anthology of five novellas, each in a separate era of time--from 1720 to 1930's. These stories entertained me, kept me patient as I waited in line in the drive-thru, kept me engaged, and whiled away time as I was in the car with my husband running errands. These ladies are all class acts when it comes to writing decent love stories that are built on a godly foundation.

Jack can't prove he didn't kill his neighbor, but a young sneak-thief has the answer. Lucy always believed in him--to the point of marrying him while he was in jail possibly awaiting hanging for the murder.

Clara and Daniel have to solve the series of bank robberies in Maple Notch and St Albans, Vermont. Clara has an inkling who is involved and hates that she thinks it might be her brother.

Michaela wants to adopt a young girl named Anna, who lost her parents in the same fire that killed her husband and daughter. The committee decided that if Michaela were married, she could adopt Anna. Patrick offers to marry her right before she goes to help her brother and his wife. While there she meets Eric, who is also interested in her. Now she really has a decision to make.

Francesca and Alfred were really meant to be together, but her mother thinks he's beneath her darling Francesca. Her mother has forgotten her own humble beginnings, and refuses to back down. She wants Francesca to marry a French Count to increase the family coffers; in fact, she wants it so much, she forces Francesca to accept the Count's proposal. Francesca knows this isn't the answer, but she doesn't know what is.

Clemmie has been in love with Joel since she was a girl of ten. For several years she hasn't heard from him, and wonders where he is. When she goes to visit her friend from the boy's refuge her parents own, she finds Joel, but not how she expected.

Susan Page Davis, Darlene Franklin, Lisa Harris, Lynette Sowell, and Pamela Griffin have exceeded expectations in this collection. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and the era of your choice.

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