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Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Sky Without Stars

Frankie Chasing Bear is a single mom trying to raise her son to be proud of his Lakota Sioux heritage. Her grandmother taught her how to make the Lakota Star quilt and she's trying to make one for her son, Harold. Harold wants nothing more than to move back to Pine Ridge to the Lakota reservation, while Frankie wants a better life for Harold than living on a reservation.

This was my first Linda Clare book, and I am truly glad I chose to review it. Linda has put together a book with real life being lived out. Frankie's challenge to keep Harold in school is met with Mrs Green who would rather see Harold go the way of the dinosaur, and with her attitude accuses Harold of stealing things he would have no way to steal. Frankie fights with Mrs Green, she fights with Nick Vandergriff--the Bureau of Indian Affairs agent, she fights with Harold, and she fights with Stu--the gas station owner. A Sky Without Stars depicts life in the 1950's for a native American trying to live the American dream, and in some ways just trying to live. Linda has worked in romance, friendship, mystery, quilting, and some general angst. She has done a superb job with her subject matter. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a finished quilt to cuddle in.

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