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Monday, March 17, 2014

Willow Creek Brides

There's a small town in Iowa called Willow Creek where love happens in the most unexpected ways with the most irritating circumstances attempting to keep the couples apart.

First, Tessa gets dumped in town by her father after her mother dies. Gideon wants to take her in, but knows that she won't accept what she sees as charity. She begins working in a restaurant for his competition who is trying to buy up the town, for less than honorable purposes. Tessa makes a name for herself with her baking--something she is not only quite good at, but something she truly enjoys. When Gideon finds out Tessa is the one who has been baking all the pies and cakes, he figures out a way to better her circumstances without making her think she's receiving charity, and comes one step closer to what he really wants--marriage to Tessa.

Hubert has noticed Pearl since he first came to town, and now things are looking pretty good for the new owner of the mercantile--until his son comes to town. He feels that Pearl is not equal in social standing to his father, so he takes it upon himself to correct this matter, regardless of the love Hubert and Pearl have for each other. The turning point is a fire in the boarding house Pearl owns.

Tillie noticed Everett the day he first came to town. Even though he was condescending and patronizing, she thought he was a handsome soul. After the fire in Pearl's boarding house left Everett scarred and in his own eyes, too ugly to be seen. Tillie sees more and works especially hard to show Everett how he looks through her eyes.

Three enchanting stories that build one on top of the other, until you have a book with three satisfying novellas to while away your time as the wind blows and you can't work outside. Connie Stevens has done a magnificent job with these stories. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up....

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