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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beaches and Brides Collection

I guess because spring is slow in coming and I am so ready for warmer weather, I chose this book from my list of reviewable books to read. The Beaches and Brides Collection is a great choice for a mental getaway when you can't leave your daily life. Most of these novellas are not new to me, as I have read them before in previous publications, I still enjoy them all.

A Time to Embrace by Lynn Coleman--Bea is Richie's nanny, and commissioned with seeing the boy safely to his uncle on Key West, Florida. While there, Ellis tries to find ways to convince Bea to stay and be more than Richie's nanny, but to also be his wife.

The Captain's Wife by Mary Davis--Vivian was Connor's best friend's wife, but he was in love with her and didn't know how to deal with that. When his friend died on a voyage to Alaska, he was free to pursue his love for her, but her past was something he couldn't reconcile in his mind.

The Castaway's Bride by Susan Page Davis--Edward had been shipwrecked and presumed dead for the last four years. When he returns home, he hopes to renew his courtship with Abigail where it left off, but Abigail is in love with his business partner. Because of this, he takes a closer look at Abigail's sister, Deborah. In Debbie he sees a mate much better suited to him, now to convince her.

The Lightkeeper's Daughter by Paige Winship Dooley--Hollan has been keeping the lighthouse going in her father's absence, even though she really can't see. Jacob has been gone from the area chasing his father and brothers who have ravaged the area, murdering and thieving as they go. Jacob wants justice, Hollan wants her sight back, and to stay on her island keeping the lighthouse. Now if there was a way to bring these two together, Uncle Ed would know.

Restoration by Cathy Marie Hake--Russell is back from World War I, wounded in body and soul. He's been left a ramshackle mansion by his great-great-uncle Timothy, along with enough money to bring the mansion back to her former glory. He's also been left two renters in his caretaker's cottage--a mother and daughter who also happen to be German. He's not all that certain he wants to keep renting to them, but he's not so cruel as to leave them with nowhere to go or a means to make a living. In striking a deal with Lorilei and her mother, he might just find the healing he so desperately needs.

I've loved these stories and they are still worth Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a stroll down the beach at sunset.

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