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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tables in the Wilderness

I was quite fascinated by this book when I asked to read it and review it. And the fascination didn't end when I began reading it. Tables in the Wilderness is a memoir of the college years of Preston Yancey, a memoir of losing touch with God and trying to reclaim that connection. The details of the journey included his years at Baylor University, the friends he made there, the teachers who lit his way, and his own studies.

I have to give Preston his props because he wrestled with God's presence in his life like Jacob wrestled with the angel, and Preston came out on the other side. I went through the same kind of journey myself and came out on the other side with a stronger faith, and a trust in the presence of God in whatever circumstance I find myself. I can look at Preston's journey from the perspective of my own journey and the number of years I've walked it. There are times I am less than compassionate with myself and that may have leached over into my reading of his book. I know that Preston has detailed his journey with naked honesty and that makes this book an elegant read. The one thing I wish is that he had detailed more of the journey after he found that God was there all along. Maybe that will be in his next memoir.

Four Strong Stars.

Zondervan provided this book through NetGalley.com for my honest review. There has been no remuneration for my comments.

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