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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Covered Deep

The Covered Deep is one of the most unusual books I've ever read. As I was reading the book, the word machiavellian came to mind when I read about Sir Hartwith (and I am not sure I am remembering his name right) and his machinations to test the members of a group of people he has sponsored on a trip to the Holy Land. The other players in his little game include:

Bianca--a single woman whose approaching birthday cuts her chances of finding her groom down to 18%. She has high ideals for the perfect man for her, one who is a believer in Christ, intelligent, a bit wild, humorous, and a better than average kisser.

Paul--a man who fits every requirement Bianca has but he's battling some demons from his past.

Madeleine--one of Paul's demons and a pawn in Sir Hartwith's game.

Mr Tabor--his role in Sir Hartwith's game isn't obvious until the very end of the book, but he does have a very significant role in the game at hand.

The game is this: Sir Hartwith wants to know that God is real, that he can change a man from the inside out, and that men who have been changed by God stay that way. The test subjects are Bianca and Paul who truly do fall in love.

I absolutely loved reading Brandy Vallance's debut novel, but I wonder about someone whose imagination can come up with the Machiavelli who played people like chess pieces. ;-) She does a masterful job in bringing the characters together, in meshing the storylines of the characters, and in telling a sweet love story that resonates in my heart. This is an incredible first novel and I look forward to seeing what else she will bring out.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a trip to the Holy Land.

This novel was provided to me by Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest review. No other remuneration was given or accepted.

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