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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Four Weddings and a Kiss

I love reading novella collections because they are generally light reading and just enough in them to keep the reader engaged. Four Weddings and a Kiss was all that, but more. I absolutely LOVED this novella collection and I love these authors.

First is the story of Maizy and Rylan. I really connected with Maizy because she reminds me so much of my own daughter. Maizy is a girl who lives by her own rules, works as hard (or harder) than any man, and lives with a "take no prisoner" attitude. AFter her mother died, her father took on raising her to do all kinds of work--from housework to ranchwork. When Maizy gets herself into a fix, and the situation creates a disaster for Rylan, Maizy has to make amends by helping Rylan--from housework to ranchwork. by Mary Connealy

Molly has no problem with expressing her opinions and does so quite frequently in her newspaper column. When her father hires a man to be the managing editor, Molly makes it her mission to help him leave town as soon as possible, but her plan doesn't seem to have quite the desired effect. by Robin Lee Hatcher

Katie has been traumatized by a tornado that destroyed her house and killed her father. She hires Treb to come and rebuild her home, but she won't go inside any structure for fear of being closed in again. Treb takes the time to help her out, he builds a shelter with heavy tarps so that it is still open but will keep her dry in the event of a storm. Such caring gets under Katie's skin in a way she never expected. by Debra Clopton

Grace is on trial for her life. She is accused of killing her husband after she dragged him out of the saloon to get money from him for her son's birthday present of a new pair of boots. Daniel Brock takes on her case even though he feels so inadequate to help her out. His last criminal case ended poorly and shook his confidence so much he decided to take on business law and real estate law instead of criminal law. Her trial brought more than just a little confusion, but when one of the town drunks declares her not guilty, no one sticks around to really find out the truth. Daniel vows to find the real killer and bring him to justice in an effort to win Grace's heart. by Margaret Brownley

All four of these stories were told by various preachers to a young preacher who thought the love of his life was quite unconventional and would detract from his ministry. These four stories were to show that an unconventional wife might be the woman God had designed just for this young preacher.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and something unconventional for your afternoon.

This collection was provided for my honest review. No compensation was offered or received for my opinions.

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