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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Love Gently Falling

Occasionally you need to read a "palate cleanser," something that is not very deep or thought provoking. Love Gently Falling fit this bill for me in very nicely. Melody Carlson writes sweet romances that are great to read when you just need something to while away a couple of hours. That is not to say that Melody's books are mere fluff. They aren't. She uses her words to paint a picture of a romance growing in a natural way from friendship to love.

Rita is living a charmed life in Beverly Hills with great roommates and a plum job in a hair salon that caters to rich and famous when she gets the call every woman dreads--her mother has had a stroke and it is very serious. With the help of her roommate, Margot, she gets a flight back to Chicago to be with her family. When she arrives in Chicago, she is surprised to see her old classmate, Johnny, at the airport to pick her up.

Rita finds out that her mother's salon needs a total makeover and she knows the person who can do it, Rita. Without meaning to, Rita enlists Johnny's help in returning her mom's salon to its former glory. In fact, Johnny volunteers his help, a couple of his employees, and quite a few of the supplies needed. The only kink in the whole plan is Zinnia, a former employee of Rita's mother, who seems to be a jealous and vindictive person who cannot let go of the past.

The friendship between Rita and Johnny continues to grow until, . . . . .

Melody Carlson writes engaging books with believable characters. She did her research on stroke recovery, and used it well to enhance her plot. She throws in a couple of skuzzy characters just to keep things interesting. The plot never lags, but keeps the reader engaged all the way through.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs, and a hair cut at the very best salon.

The publisher provided this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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