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Friday, September 12, 2014

Smitten Book Club

A book about a book club reading books--what every book reader wants to read!

Heather, Abby, Elliana, and Molly work through life and book club meetings while musing on the book The Gentlewoman's Guide to Love and Courtship, a book that legend says contains the secret to a treasure of gold in Molly's house. Each girl uncovers one of the clues while finding the loves of their lives.

Heather had been in love with Paul when he left town and didn't come back for several years. When he drops back into her life and creates a situation in which she has to work with him, she's not entirely thrilled. The more they work together, the more drawn she is to him, but there is the issue of her son, Charlie.

Abby, the town's librarian, is noticed by Wyatt, especially after her friends give her a makeover. He sees what no one else has taken the time to look.

Lia (Elliana) has a dental emergency that puts her in the path of her bestie from her school years, Joey. Joey has come back to town to practice dentistry with his brother, and to raise his daughter, Grace, after her mother was shot in a mall by a random shooter. As things happen in stories like this, Grace ends up in Lia's class and under Lia's tutelage blooms into a precocious young lady. Now, Lia and Joey have to see if their friendship will grow to more.

Molly's husband, Curtis, was a firefighter who died in the line of duty. She is scraping tooth and nail to hold onto his outdoor adventure business. Gage, her direct competition, tries to help her out and salvage the business. Through this process, Molly finds what her true calling is, and it's not to run her own business, but to teach music.

These four authors: Colleen Coble, Diann Hunt, Kristen Billerbeck, and Denise Hunter have collaborated to bring four novellas that will while away a lazy afternoon with some pretty good entertainment. These are not GREAT stories, but they are good. There is humor, a bit of mystery, and a happy ending for all four of the ladies featured in these novellas.

Four stars.

This book was provided for my honest review. No compensation or remuneration was offered or received.

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