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Friday, September 5, 2014

Waiting for Morning

Molly--a sweet saloon girl who cares for her paraplegic younger brother
Donny--Molly's brother
Caleb--the doctor in Cactus Patch, Arizona.
Eleanor--owner of Last Chance Ranch, seeking an heiress
Aunt Bessie--the Matchmaker of Cactus Patch
LulaBelle--Aunt Bessie's sister, a bit quieter
Jimmy--a young school boy with a mysterious illness that keeps Caleb on edge
Bertha--Caleb's horseless carriage--she has a habit of backfiring at the most importune moments
Magic--the dog that adopted Caleb, companion for Orbit
Orbit--the blind colt that Donny has a special affinity for

In order to be Eleanor's heiress, the candidate must give up any thoughts of marriage. Molly applies for the position because she's lost her home and most of all her possessions. As she's heading toward Last Chance Ranch, she hears Bertha backfiring, but doesn't realize it is a horseless carriage. She draws out her rifle and fires back. The combination of gunfire and the backfiring carriage create a cattle stampede, and so Molly is introduced to Caleb.

I've read several of Margaret Brownley's books and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. She writes with humor that is comically funny without being silly. One of the lines that had me laughing out loud is when Aunt Bessie is planning her nephew's wedding and the pianist dies after she got the saloons to close for the day. She wanted to be sure that the pianist and the singer would be sober for the wedding. LulaBelle reports that piano player died and Aunt Bessie replies that it can't be true, he was alive the day before. LulaBelle retorts that it doesn't take long for someone to die, it can be accomplished in an hour.

Margaret has done a great job creating a conflict that keeps Molly and Caleb apart, until Caleb can overcome all of Molly's objections. Waiting for Morning is a delightful book that engages, and entertains. Five Stars, Two Thumbs up, and dog to keep a blind horse company.

Thomas Nelson provided this book for me to read and and give my honest review. No compensation was offered or received.

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