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Sunday, October 26, 2014

An Amish Christmas Quilt

Three short novels in one collection made for a fun afternoon of reading for this reviewer. To be honest I started them last night, but finished them off today. A couple of the novellas were like spending time with an old friend as I had met some of the characters in earlier books.

First off: A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant by Charlotte Hubbard. Mary Kauffman is on her way to Willow Ridge with her two step-children after their father died in a saw-mill fire. Her timing was unfortunate as she arrives in labor and the pain knocks her out. As she stops the buggy on the side of the road, their dog jumps out and runs to the nearest homestead to find Seth Brenneman and brings him back to the buggy to find Mary and the children in their dilemma. He gets Mary to the clinic, the children to his aunt's cafe, and then things get real interesting. After Mary recovers from the birth of her son, Emmanuel, she works with the ladies in the sewing circle. While there, the topic of conversation turns to the Christmas pageant and how few students there are to fill the roles.

Second: A Christmas on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long: Luke and John were friends all their childhoods. John had been saving his money to buy a specific shot gun, but Luke bought it out from under him and they haven't spoken since. Laurel is Luke's daughter and Matthew is John's son, and, of course, they are in love with each other. They have been courting on the sly with only their younger siblings knowing about it. The sewing circle makes a quilt for Granny May, and they decide that the next person to walk in the door is the one to deliver it. Laurel had quietly left the sewing circle to meet with the bishop and Matthew about getting married, so when she returns to the sewing circle, she is the one who is chosen to deliver the quilt. Matthew shows up at Granny May's as a blizzard comes up and he's underdressed for the storm. Grandma May keeps him in her cabin to get him warmed up and to wait out the storm. Granny takes down her bundling board for Laurel and Matthew, knowing she's stirring up trouble.

Third: A Perfect Amish Christmas by Jennifer Beckstrand: This is a second visit to Huckleberry Hills for me and Anna is still up to her old tricks to play match-maker, this time with her grandson, Gideon, and her granddaughter Ada's cousin, Dottie. Dottie has been making a quilt for her mother at Anna's house--as a special surprise. Dottie's mother was sick last Christmas and Dottie wanted to make this one perfect. But, Dottie gets lost in a snowstorm on her way home.

Three short novels, three short visits with friends, and three beautiful quilts. Doesn't get much better than this, unless you have your own beautiful quilt to snuggle under while you read. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a beautiful quilt to keep you warm at night.

Kensington Books provided this collection for me to read in exchange for my honest opinion. No compensation was offered or received for this review.

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