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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Love's Fortune

Love's Fortune continues the story of the Ballentynes in Pittsburg, by picking up with Ansel Ballentyne and his daughter, Wren, twenty-five years later. Ansel has become a luthier and has taught Wren not only to build violins but to play them too. After living in Cane Run, Kentucky, for a good long time, Ansel gets a letter that calls him back to Pittsburg. Wren feels like this is going to be just a visit until her father is sent away on the family business and she finds out he sold their home in Kentucky.

Laura Frantz has filled this book with a plethora of characters and characters they are! I loved the way she had Ellie describe Andra as having a vinegary personality. Bennett is such an underhanded dealer and abusive hack with nothing but power and money on his mind. James Stackley is the Ballentyne patriarch's right hand man, Malachi Cameron is the owner of the Pennsylvania Railroad and James' friend. Between James and Malachi, Wren is constantly confused and feels herself spinning out of control. One good part of moving to Pittsburg for Wren is Izannah Turlock, her cousin, and now her best friend.

In the decade before the Civil War, tensions are riding high for the Ballentynes because of their participation in helping people escape slavery. James' participation has painted a target on his back, and as Wren's escort for the "Season" of balls and soirees, James' life is even in more danger.

With a grain of humor, a bit of mystery, a touch of elegance, incredible music, and more than just a couple of overpowering women, Love's Fortune is one of those books that brings the reader in from the very first page and keeps the reader captivated all the way through to the Notes from the Author. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a beautiful reel on the violin.

Revell provided this book for me to read and give my honest opinion. No compensation was offered or received.

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