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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Advent Bride

Mary Connealy writes with humor at the center of her books, but with The Advent Bride, Mary has kept the story light, but not as much humor. But that's okay. There isn't much space for humor in a story this short. The Advent Bride is readable in less than an hour and quite sweet. This story revolves around a teacher, Melanie Douglas, and a small boy, Simon O'Keeffe. Obviously since Melanie becomes a bride at the end of the story, Simon's father figures into the story too. Simon is very bright, but he's a hurting boy who misses his mother. Because of his hurt, he acts out--taking his desk apart, taking other desks apart, tormenting the other children in the classroom, and generally disrupting class as much as he could. Melanie finds a box in her room at the boarding house that her landlady gave her. The box has secret compartments and many ways to get into it. Since Simon likes working with his hands, she plans for him to open one compartment at a time each day until Christmas after his school work is done. Simon's father gets involved in helping him open the box and at the same time falling in love with Melanie.

This short book/story is a delightful read, and I especially loved how Melanie sought to figure out a way to get Simon to cooperate and to solve his behavior with something positive. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a Secret Compartment to find.

Shiloh Run Studios has allowed me to read this book in exchange for my honest opinionated review.

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