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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Most Inconvenient Marriage

Regina Jennings writes historical romance with a humorous vein running through the whole book. This book is the mother-load for an entertaining read.

Abigail Stuart is a nurse in the Gallicot prison hospital. Her favorite patient is a man with a gangrenous wound on his arm stump and who won't give his name. He speaks often of his fiancee living in the Ozarks and his horse farm, his mother, and his sister. He calls himself Romeo and his fiancee Juliet. When he realizes that he is going to die and soon, he gives Abigail a proposition: to marry him and go home to take care of his family and his horse farm. He tells her his name is Jeremiah Calhoun and his sister, Rachel, has rheumatic heart failure. His mother needs the help. Abigail complies with the soldier's wishes and is soon on her way to the Calhoun farm. Rachel's acerbic tongue goads Abigail to prove her worth and to prove herself trustworthy. What Abigail doesn't expect is that the REAL Jeremiah Calhoun shows up and is not at all pleased to see Abigail there.

Abigail and Jeremiah butt heads at every turn and yet Jeremiah sees that Abigail knows horse flesh and knows her way around a barn. He just wants to reconnect with Laurel, his "true" fiancee and Abigail is in the way. Well, Abigail isn't the only thing in the way of his relationship with Laurel, the local doctor--Newton Hopkins--has been courting Laurel too.

Two minor players in this game of love are Josiah and Betty, two very mischievous neighbor children.

The tension holding the story together is composed of horse thieves who are stealing from all the locals.

Regina has proven, once again, that the road to true love is rocky at best, and at times impassable, but she also proves that love will win out.

Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and the finest piece of horseflesh you've ever ridden.

Bethany House provided this book for me to read in exchange for my honest opinionated review.

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