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Friday, January 9, 2015


In the Quilts of Love Series, I found Masterpiece Marriage to be the best of the ones I read. Gina Welborn has written a a short novel that describes a realistic falling in love between two people. (I really should take that last sentence in for a re-fitting, but, . . .)

Mary Varrs is trying to get a teaching assistanceship at a college that will take men and women together. She is studying plants and hybridization and needs scientific sketches to send with her portfolio.

Zenus Danes owns a textile mill that is damaged by a flood. He needs the money the fabrics would have brought in, and so he goes to his Aunt Priscilla to help him out by designing a quilt pattern to be sold with the precut fabrics as a kit.

Priscilla, in an effort to reach out to her next door neighbor, has invited Mary to come to her quilting bee. Mary approaches Priscilla about doing her drawings for her portfolio, and Priscilla agrees if Mary will do the sewing for the quilt that Priscilla would have done.

These characters have depth that is uncommon in novels of this length. The setting is mostly in the background, but when it is brought forward, it only adds to the story. The plot twists and turns with the speed of a kiddie roller coaster, just fast enough to keep the reader involved, but not so fast that the reader feels run over by the end of the book, a truly enjoyable speed for any reader.

I give this book five stars, two thumbs up, and a favorite quilt pattern.

Abingdon Press provided the book in exchange for my honest review.

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