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Sunday, April 5, 2015

At Home in Last Chance

Cathleen Armstrong has a writing style that grabs the reader from the first sentence and doesn't let go until long after the book has been closed. I loved One More Last Chance when I read it. So, when At Home in Last Chance became available, of course, I jumped on it. Several of the same characters show up again, with only one or two new ones for me.

This is the story of Kaitlin Reed finding out that her home is truly in Last Chance, even though she hates working in the diner for her brother. Juanita is still Juanita--a law unto herself, a woman who doesn't seem to be able to whisper quietly or even have an "inside voice." Whatever Juanita knows, all of Last Chance knows. Olivia is growing up, and figuring out what a seven-year-old's life is supposed to look like. Chris is still marrying Sarah, and Elizabeth is still everyone's Gran. The newest addition to the picture is Steven--and it seems he's only there temporarily until he goes to the law enforcement academy. When Elizabeth falls and breaks her leg, it seems that everyone's life is turned upside down. Olivia is TICKED that she can't see Elizabeth in the hospital, but is appeased when she gets to go to Elizabeth's house everyday and take care of Sam, the cat.

Steven is taken with Kaitlin and wants to explore what a relationship with her would be like. Kaitlin is scared of making another bad decision that hurts her daughter, and is reluctant to let Steven in her life.

What you find when you read this book is a small town that truly cares about its residents, that joins together for every occasion, that takes pride in its ability to help at a moment's notice, and where the residents find strength to stand up for what they feel is right; but, dang it, it's hard to accept someone new into its fold, and Kaitlin had the hardest time settling into Last Chance because of her previous poor decisions.

Cathleen's talent as a writer shines through her characters, her settings, and her plot. She is a truly enjoyable author to read. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and dinner at the Dip 'N Dine.

My thanks to Revell publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

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